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As an established non-profit organization, the Congo Hope School Program provides the unique opportunity to spend a semester working along-side experienced teachers, directors, and health professionals, culminating in a trip to visit the Congo Hope School. Moreover, unlike larger non-profit or charity programs that are diluted, Congo Hope School will provide a transparent and direct means of working towards a concrete goal. We have three classes of internships offered to 12 undergraduate rising juniors, rising seniors and highly qualified underclassmen. **For the year of 2010, we will be experimenting with a special Shanghai Expo component to the internship program.

Education – As a school, the Congo Hope School offers a teaching internship and administrative internship
for interns who want to get a hands-on experience interacting with and educating the ~500 students at the Congo Hope School. The primary focus will be on developing a curriculum that can benefit a 3rd world citizen. In first world countries, literature and mathematics serves as a cornerstone for primary education. However, the orphans that live here need a more skill based education to bring them out of poverty. Interns here will not just be teaching but will also be developing an innovative curriculum for these students that will give them a road out of poverty.

Sustainable Development – As a non-profit organization that provides services to the Kinsasha orphanage community, one of the primary concerns on the administrative end is to find solutions for funding to sustain the organization. By branching out to other non-profits, banks, and sources of income, the interns in this division will be working directly to expand and sustain the school. Interns here will learn the ins and outs of running a non-profit organization. Unlike theoretical studies in microeconomics and the abstract study of “sustainable development,” interns will involve themselves with the real-life organization of a sustainable development initiative with a clear and apparent purpose.

Health – Available to EMT licensed candidates, the health branch of Congo Hope School offers hands on experience with the orchestration of the Congo Hope School health program. The infrastructure of the school allows for a good way to branch out into the larger child community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. By administering health to the children that attend, individuals in this internship will help provide a safer, healthier environment for studies and also create a central hub where healthcare can be provided to more Congolese people.

Apply to Intern at the Congo Hope School
If you'd like to intern, please email a cover letter and a up-to-date curriculum vitae to the address: intern@congohopeschool.com.
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Want to Enter the Hope School Internship or Volunteer?

Hope School offers Various Ways by which you can enter and help. If you're like to volunteer for, please email volunteer@congohopeschool.com. If you'd like to help with administrative jobs, please contact alice@congohopeschool.com. With anything else, please check the contact page.

Coordinate a "Journey to Congo" Group at Your School?

If your community is need of a hope school, we can help you offer it. Visit the start your own chapter page or alice@congohopeschool.com for help. We're very glas that you're enthusiastic and will do all that we can to help your school make it.